Evil E-What About Sex? - text

[Evil E]
Yo Ice man, we halfway done with the album man
You be throwin all this strong, dope, stupid fly pimp shit
But what's up with the sex rhymes man?
You ain't throw no sex rhymes yet man, whassup wit that?

Yo man, I didn't even wanna really do nuttin this year man

[Evil E]
Yo why you ain't wanna do nuttin man?
Titties man~! Sex sex sex man, all that
We need some sex

[laughing] Man I wasn't really about that homes
Y'know I..

[Evil E]
C'mon man! Just throw one sex joint man
For me and my boys man, me and my man
The niggaz man, WHASSUP!

Aight aight aight check this out E, check this out
The other night I was out at the club aight?
(Uh-huh, what happened what happened?)
I met this FLY-ASS freak, crazy fly
(Word, she was dope?) Dope, had BIG ol' titties aight
(Ohh shit, BIG titties!)
Crazy titties and a BIG ol' ass right?
(Ohhh shit.. what happened?)


Text přidal Moonblade

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