Get You Stoned - text

You live ten miles down a dusty road
You gotta pull back, gonna overload
I make you sing like a mocking bird
You better hurry better hear my word

You are a wide receiver
And you're magnificent
A disbeliever, won't you let me vent

I gotta notion you will stay for a while
I gotta potion gonna make you smile

I can get you stoned
You're in a roadside shack
And you listen to the grammophone
I can get you stoned
In your fantasy, you never have to be alone

You go to work on the graveyard shift
I got the right thing to give you a lift
I see that you're ready and able
You put your cards right out on the table

I come a knockin', won't you let me in
Soul sister I want to begin
I'm gonna take responsibility
Before they take me to the highest tree

And it hurts so bad, you made the right choice
And you're only a groove away
And when the morning comes
I will be long gone, I'm gonna make you feel
I'm glad you make you feel that way

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