Adamantine - text

Pick up your armor
You can survive this
Don’t run for cover
You can withstand

Oppose the masses
and show your strength
We can survive this
We can withstand

I hear the trumpets sound
The sky is closing in
The wind carries the clouds
Providing darkness
And as the light slowly slips away I can feel the earth tremble
I can feel it shake

I slowly open my eyes - thoughts are grim
A thousand warriors - sword in hand

Is this the end of me
Should I martyr and die
Or is it time to change sides

Oh how can it be
I feel the weight of a blade in my hand
The sun peeks through the clouds
a blinding reflection

Oh I am but one man
Surely I cannot prevail
What power could this be
enough to blind an entire army

Slain - where once 1000 warriors stood 1000 bodies now lay
Unscathed - I remain standing
My only injury the heat from the blade

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