Badaboum - text

Badaboum hey ho t’es tombée sur un salaud
Patatras eh ah c’est sûrement celui de trop
Baby, don’t you know
You’ve got to suck it up and let him go
He calls you baby, but can’t you see
You’re gonna wind up in a mess like me
No you don’t understand, he’s an innocent man
Nothing to do with your sinister plan
He’s under my thumb
Now you know that’s a lie

He won’t be happy ‘til he makes you cry
Baby, don’t you know
It really hurts to see you suffer so
He calls you baby but can’t you see
You’re only living in a fantasy
No you misunderstood when I said he was good
I simply meant he does me like you never could
When I’m under his thumb and he’s making me…
Baby, if that’s the way you feel it’s best that I go

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