Santa Has A Mullet - text

Santa's got a mullet, and he's coming christmas eve
Santa's got a mullet, he's bringing gifts for you and me
Frosty's got a stovepipe hat,
And rudolphs nose is red.
Santa's got a mullet
Sitting on his head.

Santa's got a mullet, keep on looking out for him'
Driving in his IROC, with the killer rim
Santa's got a mullet
As he's streaking through the night
Jamming to Foghat
And drinkings Dewar's Light

Singing Fa la la la la...
Singing Fa la la la la...

Angels up in heaven are plucking on their harps,
Santa's wearing oakleys, and he's looking mighty sharp

Santa's got a mullet, and presents for all of 'ya
I thought he was from the northpole. But he must be from Canada.
Oh yeah Santa's coming, don't you worry, he won't be long.
Santa's got a mullet
Santa's got (Yeah Santa's got)
Santa's got... a schlong

A Schlong!

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