Soulseller - text

Look out now when I come your way
I´m a dog & I´m astray
I´ve been taught but I won´t learn
Been out of luck but baby it will turn
So I sold my soul again
I can´t turn back ´cuz its the place
I put my damn self in
And I will sell my soul to you
What I need has long been overdue

Blast my way with raging speed
Beelzebub gimme what I need
Don´t wanna wait to what comes around
Gotta hear it now I gotta grab that sound

I call it gold some call it vile
But to place my bets on consolation prices
Just ain´t my style
I´ve gotta get sixsixsix I´ve gotta go
Won´t you burn with me when I make that show

Soulseller - got a sale for you

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