Tame - text

where to hide my eye
were too high to do
? ? scaring me
heavy shots
understand normality
not understand their defense

proper guilty ? ?


strangers ? ? ? lines
no change equal minds

cannot look in that face of life
living until you die
buried alive

level c?tl? ?
it's weak ? ? ?

crap stick on a ? ?
disturbing factor build up the fairylands
without remorse
cured of redempts
? in my ?
? ? lifestyle
void of life

level c?tl?k ?
it's weak ? ? ?

"Shoot shoot shoot shoot"

this creature belongs to disease
there can never be a mitigator
within the meaning of menopause
but first ? ? ?
living on destiny

? ? ? and die
cleaning all around the ?
with no bombs and ? I can move
? ? ? I can watch
? ? ?
national defense
national defense ahhhh

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