You Are a Hero - text

wake up, when you wanna be strong,
I said
wake up, you win if you want, I said
Get is tough, you must fight
To make everything alright
Stand up, when you're down on the
ground, because
I know, what I'm talking about, I said
stand up and just try it again
You will it in the end

Now let tell you that
You are a hero, you are a hero
Don't care about what pople say
You will find you way
Now let me tell you that
You are a hero, count down
to zero Start the engine, take a ride
Up to the sky

Wake up, feel the devil inside, I said
Wake up, there's no need to
disguise, I said
Get up, cause that's all it's about
Come on, time is running out
Stand up, you can conquer them
all, I said
Stand up, just make yourself
small, I said there's a hero in you
And he's strong and fast and true

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