Beg Beg Beg - text

I want be your love provider
(you got me all fired up)
I want to be your one desire
(girl I can't get enough)

I can't believe why we never get it on
(get it on)
Girl you are in my fantasies
I am on my knees

And I beg, beg, beg baby for your love
I'm begging of you to hold on
beg, beg, beg, beg for your love
and I'm begging now baby hold on

I said hold on!

No use in thinking about tomorrow
(take it step by step)
I'm down to beg, steal and borrow

Of all the promises I've made in my life
(in my life)
This is the one i want to keep
'till the end of time

Text přidal DarkSaga

Video přidala EmJen

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