Damnation Under God - text

To tame the raging wanderlust
That surges in my thighs
I'll summon chaos legions
From the Krethek Nebuli
Watch the lard fields glisten
On the shores of Vulva-Core
See the sled of nebulon
Risen to the fore

The myriad delights
Asgardian nights
The Heavens un-clog
Damnation under God
Agape and Agog
Damnation under God

Desecrate the pleasure barge
Of Vage-Vomit Way
Go search for my Father
On the planet of the Gays
Seek the Fiend named Dr. Skull
Join him in his wars
Go and find my Mother
On the planet of the whores

Interbreed with Mulaks
To create a master race
Scourge the Cliffs of Cara
With and image of my face
Tame an Acid-Dragon
From the Caves of Kahza-Nix
Finally Obliterate
Flab-Quarv Six

The Aztec Delights
Vampires in tights
The Heavens un-clog
Damnation Under God
Agape and Agog
Damnation under God

Under God

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