Back Alley Ruler - text

Woke up this morning - feeling trashed
Guess in the end she took me home
She bought the drinks, I brought the thirst
She was the dog, I brought the bone

A night's delight - a day's regret
i heard her boyfriend's Chevy-Van
Puked in my car, got on the bus
So now it's "On the Road Again"

Back alley ruler
For all my life
I'm just a back alley ruler
For all my time

The repo-man he took my car
i guess I just ran out of my luck
Taxes, health care, unpaid bills
I never gave much of a fuck

The little nerd droned on and on
i didn't get a single thing
It doesn't matter anyway
'Cause on the road I am the king

Passing out on the back seat
Yeah I dumped my self-control
Sleeping naked on main street
It's only Rock'n'Roll!

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