Curse Of The Cloth - text

Welcome to my house of sadness
Welcome to my house of sadness
Surreal in ist week foundation
Stillness moves through anciant walls
Sun shines glinting bringing warmth
I am ready to confess
Impliment of seduction
Pre-empted I bare my soul
I bare my soul
I bare my soul
I bare my soul

Through the mosaic of wood and stone
I ran into a wall of silence
Surmounted by the laws of lords
Ruling with a double standard
Slaughter of the pilgrims never ending
In come to sanits, martyers sing
Maeching to their own drum
He who casts the first stone be without sin

[Chorus :]
Curse of the cloth
Curse of the cloth

Acountalbe to none, they lie in readiness
Under the cover of kindness
Continueing the curse of the cloth
Under vatican protection
Punishment, full redemption
Hidden, re-location
Pestilence in the name of salvatiores

[Chorus (2x)]

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