Animal Dreams - text

Animal dreams, animal dreams,
dreaming alone of pelican sleep,
she closes her eyes,
I'm sorry I got so tired, but I think I better wake up before the day transpires,
oh animal, animal, magical.

The messages come from across a Bolivian sea-side town,
two blocks down,
falling fruits jump out of the ground,
five times four,
two blocks more,
count by eight, now lower the gate.

I think it's the time for us,
I think it's the place for us.

Oh, lady don't know,
I built it to last,
oh, wait till she sees me changing the past,
I cram it all in,
I need to subtract by fire,
I wish I never gave up before the day transpires,
oh animal, animal, magical dreams,

Text přidal Seneca

Video přidal Seneca

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