Amongst Marble and the Dead - text

Locked inside, nothing but the darkness here
Fear in mind, will I ever meet the day again?
Marble cold like a coffin vast and filled with death
Corpses piled in lifeless twisted forms
Eyes of pain piercing through the fog
Scary scary voices turning piss and blood to ice

Death is all around
Imprisoned forever

Let me rot
Amongst Marble and the Dead

Strapped in chains, crawling in a pool of rot
Grinding bones of the ones that God forgot
Marble cold, my coffin filled with piss and ice
Twisted screaming bodies turning flesh and bone to dirt

Amongst Marble and the Dead

Death is all around

Trapped inside the everlasting dark
Corpses piled, forever and ever enslaved

Set me free, let me rot
Amongst the Marble

Text přidal trasher

Videa přidali trasher, Metalizer123

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