Wound Upon Wound - text

Malicious in the heart...
Follows to...
Bringing my shadows!
Let any survivors?
From time once when throne...
Wound upon Wound!

Foolish force?
Grow to my savior?

Misery deeds?
Thunder words?
Breaking ? the curse!
Just shadows?
Just chaos ? humanity!



A hit?
Rewarding ? for serve!
The scepter?
It?s over ? recall!

Drunken with rage?
With sorrows! (foolish, foolish)
Foolish alternative? (we wonder...)
Limb from Limb!

Malicious in the blood?
Follows to...
Bringing my shadows!
Throw any survivors?
To drop on the thorn?
Wound upon Wound!

Text přidal Xerxes

Video přidal Louis16

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