Leaving Ground - text

I saw the world, I saw it turn
And felt the hesitation in every movement
I saw a life and sensed the gaps
The worldless days of mistakes, among the blind lines

I saw the years and wished to change
The grimaces and carvings, on walls and memories
I saw myself and failed to breath
And for a veiled split second I felt so sleazy and human

And so I'm leaving ground
I leave the skylines of my life
And so I'm leaving ground
I plough new lifelines in my hands

I saw the light and swallowed tar
The faked hope of believers, the fate of shadows
I saw a god and felt mercy
A cripple behind curtains of frauds and letters

I saw the truth and felt disgust
The bitter taste of scruples in heads and mouthes
I saw myself and yearned for rain
Solution for the phoenix, for blood and last now

And so I'm leaving ground...

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