You're Right On Time - text

[Verse 1:]
I've been down
Without a prayer
I've been broken
Oh gave up hoping
yet I've been there

[Pre-chorus 1:]
Sometimes it takes a sunset
To remind we're alive
Or just the smallest thing that's living
Reminds us we will survive

No matter how hard
No matter how dark
No matter how long the road to hill
no matter how weak
No matter how lost
You've just got to know you're being late
You're just where you need to be
Not early on legacy
You're right on time

[Verse 2:]
I've been hurt
I've been pushed around
I've been cheated
I've been mistreated
I've been let down

[Pre-chorus 2:]
When I decided to stop running
And let the future come to me
I only had to let the sun in
So that the truth could set me free


Your mistakes are for a reason
Everybody has a season
You're right on time

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