You Are Everything - text

When my head is spinning round’
When this whole world has brought me down
There is one thing I know
When my life is screamin’ loud
I look up towards the clouds and
Your grace lets me know
You grace it lets me know
I am alive because You said I could be
I’m not alone because Your love is everything I need
When my world come crashing down
There is just one thing I have found,
You are, You are, my everything

With every ounce of my soul
I wanna let You know
It is in You I’m found
With every beat of my heart
I know that You are giving me a start
One that is brand new
And now I’m calling out to You
In my day You are everything,
in my night You are everything
In my world You are everything,
in my heart You are everything
In my soul You are everything,
in my life You are everything

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