You Sure Got This Ol Redneck Feelin Blue - text

You Sure Got This Old Redneck Feeling Blue
By George Strait

Oh, I recall some barroom brawls
That I got myself into
Just a stitch or two got me back together
But what’s it take to ease the ache
That came with losing you
I thought I was tough but goodbye’s too much
This healin’ is takin’ forever

Woman, you sure got this old redneck feelin’ blue
What’s goin’ on inside me I ain’t used to goin’ through
This old country boy’s hillbilly heart is breakin’ in two
Yeah, you sure got this old redneck feelin’ blue

I’ve never seen anything hit me quite like this
You know the pain and loneliness they keep hangin’ with me
Oh, this goodtime Joe took quite a blow
Oh why’d you call it quits
It’ll take some time to mend my mind and put me out of my misery

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