Lovesick Blues - text

I got a feeling called the blues oh lord
Since my baby said goodbye.
Hey lord I don't know what I'll do.
All I do is sit and sigh oh lord.
The last long day she said goodbye,
Lord I thought I would cry.

She'll do me, she'll do you, she's got that kind of lovin'.
Lord I love to hear her
When she calls me sweet daddy.
Such a beautiful dream.
I hate to think it's all over; I lost my heart it seems.

I've grown so used to you somehow,
But I'm nobody's sugar daddy now.
And I'm lonesome, I got the lovesick blues.
Yeah I'm in love, I'm in love with a beautiful girl,
That's what's the matter with me.
Yeah I'm in love, I'm in love with a beautiful girl,

But she don't care about me.
And lord I tried and tried to keep her satisfied,
But that girl wouldn't stay.
And now that she is leavin' this is all I can say.
I got a feeling called the blues...

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