Starside - text

To starside I fly
Soaring through a cloven sky
Striding towards a bloodied cross
F*cking the lifeless daughter of light
Hearing the screams of souls
Upon the innocent fields of pity
Frozen hatred fills my mind
Through my eyes see...
A crimson sun falling towards a grey twilight
Silver branches webbing the nightsky horizon
A sea of tears flowing towards my frozen wastelands
Sorrow's waters flow about my feet
A fallen angel be my silver sword
I am the mist of the night
The pillars of heaven crumble with my glance
Turn my gaze towards immortality
Now the darkness greets me
All that I am, all that I shall be
Glimpsed through shadows
And a thousand angels cry
As I die
Together with our hands to the sky
My dreams and I, to starside ewe fly
Soaring through a cloven sky
To starside I fly
My dreams and I
I see the angels cry
On a bloodied cross.........Angels cry...

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