Summer's Gonne - text

Summer's gone. It's winter's fault my summer went away,
Summer's gone, summer's gone and winter she's to blame.
Make up your mind,
Every year, you come 'round here.
Please shine your light on me,
I'm paper thin, you can look right in and see that I'm in love with you.

Nights are getting long,
Swallows have gone, following the sun
There's a chill in the air
Dog days are off the leash, chasing snowballs on the beach
I remember lying hand in hand,
Sand got everywhere, ohhh, but I didn't care,
Got my factor thirty on,
We had safe sun but I got burnt,
Man that really hurt.

I've got my beanie on,
I'm hot, I'm cold... This is getting old,
So I went to see the weather man,
He said "warm spells on the way."
This time I think it's here to stay!


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