House Of Love - text

Wigada boom bang - alright -
everything that you see - just get it's 4 you
So come on honey -
you need no money it's free say big Al big Al big Al
dideldidi - uh - call it house of pure romance - uh -
boogie down with all your friends -
just big up big up there's no love above -
the supa dupa on of the house of love.

In the house of love
joy and fun forever
people dance together
'til the morning light
I'm in the house of love
joy and fun forever
every day every night
'til the morning says goobye
body to body; join the party
body to body Fun Factory in the house of love

Alright ya - get in ya -
If you want a real party step in ya
got drinks cocktails all over the place -
folk from everywhere
we got different race -
ah Chinese people do their china dance
se Americans with the wildest pants -
ah Africans prefer to do the freak -
every vbody all together now - move that feet.

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