Human Abattoir - text

Human livestock hauled in by the hundreds
And herded into holding pens..
Prepared for pre-slaughter inspection
Then let the slaughtering begin..
Bolt through the brain, hung by the legs
Slit the throat, let the blood drain..
Conveyor commencing infinite killings..
Vat of human slush overflowing with plasma..
Humans transferred from bleeding shackles to hooks..
Identified by numbers, side by side..
Cadavers transferred to the cutting-line..
Stainless steel, the skin is peeled..
Remove the head, thousands killed..
Harvest the organs, cavity inspected for parasites..
Split the carcass and continue down the F-line..
Body parts are separated and meat cuts preserved..
Meat products packaged and distributed
On the underground human meat market..

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