I'm Free - text

We drove with the radio on
It talked about god, until you told it to stop
And the flick of a switch said I can't listen to this
It fills me with that thought that I'm afraid to exist
But I'm feeling holy tonight
Just watch as my blood
Is turned into wine

I know you couldn't stand the man on the stereo
He talked about death and what scares you the most
He talks about god, like it was just a thought
But didn't even mention the soul
What do I do with my soul?

I knew a girl who came to the coast
After leaving her own, in search of a cure
She said, "I'll swim the oceans in Maine
Walk across every state, just to hear I'm okay"
I said, "Girl, I see that look in your eyes
You're in search of a light and I know where it hides"

And she smiled as it swallowed the daylight
She said, "It's weird to watch it in reverse
'Cause the ocean where I'm from
Is where the sun comes up
But it's never felt like this"

She said I'm, I'm free, I'm home
She said I'm, I'm free, I'm home
She said I'm, I'm free, I'm home
She said I'm, I'm free, I'm home

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