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Zoetrope (Amnesia) - text


Like fragments of a dream fallen apart
I've lost the final pieces of my fragile heart
I don't know how I'll find myself but still I have to try
Till I reach the ends of this rainbow-colored sky

Running off of a flame that's fading
Trapped inside of a distant daydream
On a road that is ever-changing
Still I know I must go

Now I'm feeling my heart beat faster
Pushing forward and pulling backward
Take control and save my sorry soul
And make me whole

Silence my fear
Take me from here

As I slowly piece together everything I've seen
In this never-ending dream
I am trying to break free
From this carousel of
Memories that aren't even really what they seem
Spinning fast and around me
Until I find the one that finally sets me free

Text přidala Jacey

Video přidala Jacey

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