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Turnabout Sisters Ballad (Ace Attorney) - text


I remember days when you'd hold me in your arms
"Everything's okay," you'd whisper as I cried
You protected me, kept me from feeling the pain
And when I looked up, you wiped away all my tears

You held my hand till the dawn
You showed me that the world still will go on
Taught me there was so much out there to learn

Well, I've grown since then; I've gone through trials of my own
When you left I thought I'd never make it through
But I'm not alone, don't have to fear the unknown
Cause you still live on -- I feel your spirit in me

And I hope that you'll look on and be proud
Of all that I've learned, and all of the things I've done
You've made me into the woman I am today

So thanks for everything you did for me
For the love you shared
And for being there

I will not forget the wisdom you've given me
And forever you will always stay in my heart...
In my heart...
In my heart...

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