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Let It Out (Fullmetal Alchemist, FMA: Brother.. - text


Let it all out, let it all out
You don't have to think your heart is made of steel
Come away now, from your own doubt
Like a flower of hope that's growing in a field, you will heal

Although the road has changed you
And the world has often failed you
You've gotta carry on and show them you're strong
You've gotta bury what is past and gone
Some days will be worse than others
But you've gotta find another way

Through pain and fear, or rain and tears,
We will hold on to the light
We'll chase the dawn that waits for us beyond the darkest sky
Keep following that distant star
Never walk away from who you are
Never forget that your future's waiting up ahead

As seasons change and rearrange
And the sands of time descend
As all your hope starts vanishing you'll always have a friend
In brightest day or darkest night
Even if we have to say goodbye
You'll be alright
I will always and forever be by your side

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