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Kami-iro Awase (Danganronpa 3: End of Hope's .. - text


(Hello, hello?)

The fragile workings of a clock begin to run
The gears are turning and a revolution has begun
Monotony and apathy infect you from afar
The time has come to figure out who you are

(Reach out for your fate)
Now your destiny's twisting and winding in a maze that you can't seem to escape
(Maze that you can't escape)
Even though this world is fading
(Everything's fading away)
There's still a glimpse of the future awaiting
(Reach out for your fate)
Searching for a hope within
(Hope within)
But the line to despair is so paper-thin
It's the nature of the system
It's the way of your existence

(Take me by the hand)
Depravity beckons
(Take my hand)
Let your despair awaken

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