Why Don't You Eat Carrots? - text

I can't get no satisfaction
all you need is love

slow goes the goose
you see me shoes in your mirror mind
quick goes the trick
I ask your sick sailing sailors blind
I travel into the tongue
ready to drop ding dong is handsome top

findest du das angenehm ?
zum überleben reicht das schon
du hast dich auch verändert in den letzten Jahren!
findest du ?
warum bloss? warscheinlich, nae, aber, warum isst du
dann nicht Mohrrueben?
ja, das waere wirklich schön
wollen wir das machen?
willst du runter steigen ?

do you find that pleasant?
it's enough to survive
you've changed in the past few years, too!
you think so?
why then? probably, well
but...why don't you eat carrots?
yes, that'd be really nice
shall we do it?
do you want to climb down?

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