I am allright - text

What I gotta say you're still standing on my mind
But I wanna tell you that I'm feeling alright
Nothing's gonna break me I'm not scared I'm not afraid
My life's finally easy I don't care that it's to late
I say: life is blu and bitter time to time
But it doesn't matter dreams are mine

I'm alright I can't stand it anymore
Mammas alright and pappas alright
I'm alright
I'm alright I can't stand it anymore
I am alright I'm really alright

No I don't get angry about the words that people say
Because it doesn't matter time will blow them all away
Oh no you don't need to run and you don't need to plan
All you need is love and fun man do the best you can
I say: life is a game sometimes you loose sometimes you win
Sometimes it's hard to play but let the party time begin

Text přidal Siri161

Video přidala S_imi_s

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