Come Back And Break My Heart - text

Come back and break my heart
Oh baby make me feel
Make me feel that we'll never part I love you
Come back at twilight time
My body and my soul
And my soul will love you forever
I just closed my eyes and forgot to show
I didn't see a thing when you let me go
You walked out my life, not a word good bye
Didn't take a long time for the love to die I miss you girl;
you know you're the toast
Your mind and your body's what I miss the most
You know I need you here because I'm falling apart
So come on back girl and break my heart
Two weeks are gone; and I wonder why
You had to find water when the well was dry
What I gotta do baby, what's the way
To make you come back and make you stay
(Cause) since you been gone my life's a mess
(I) don't have a lot of fun girl I must confess
Tell me what to do or where to start
Come back to me, come on replay my heart

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