Dimension Crusher - text


Chorus I
Crush the Dimension
Obliterate the Lie
Reset the Creation
It's time to say goodbye
Destroy the Dimension
Reset the Creation
A new future to Unfold!

Images flew by
From a past long gone
To a fragile present
I was Facing
My whole life
Hopless road
In front of me
Just standing there
Waiting to
Devour me Alive

And uncertainty rose
From within
Rolling back
All my past memories

All I've been
All that I am now
All I'll never be
Where the hell do I belong?

Chorus I

Chorus II
I look aroung
Fragments of my soul
Lying about
Floating in space
Windows to
Moments stuck in time
Seemingly forgotten
It's time to move on
It's time to say Goodbye

Chorus I

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