Destructible Destruction - text

To drive the World
To be everywhere
This is all that I am
This is all that I do
On every particle
Living, ruling
I’m the Fear
Controlling you!

But the void
The silence
The emptiness
Of my existence
I’m starting to fail
Just Like an obsolete machine

Destructible destruction, destructible destruction

Buildings fall
Forests burn
Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Tornados and Floods
Bring it on!
Planet Destruction
Destructible destruction
I’m the Fear
Controlling you!


The explosive vividness
Of my being
Can’t outweigh my insignificant matter
And I fade away, dying
Maybe Utopia does exist
The alter ego of my dreams
I'm destructible
I saw planet Destruction


Planet Destruction
It's Planet Destruction
Destructible destruction
All around us!

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