Chaotic Order - text

I see cities
I see homes
Floating fragments
Sleeping stones

I see people
And their lives
Drifting away
I hear their cries
I hear their sighs!

War and Peace
Love and hate
Two extremes
Chaotic State
Different lives
Alternate states
So many lies
The World's Fate

A frightening sight
To this beautiful chaos
Insanities’ border
The chaotic Order
Never resigning
To the Tides of time

And it all seems to function
All the pieces
Filling the holes
Attracting the poles
The frightening idea
Of a beautiful chaos
This beautiful chaos


“Chaotic Order
It's a beautiful Chaos”


Segment1 and 2

Chaotic Order
It's a beautiful Chaos
Beautiful Chaos
Beautiful Chaos
Beautiful Chaos

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