Pyathrotic Discorporation - text

As your dismembered duodenum is ripped
Your ulcerative abrased innards are split
Gurgitated entrails now slush
Putrefacted bowels gurgle and flush
Mutitlated epigastric papillae
A sickening mangled carcass I now emasculate

Exulcerated intestines, disfigured and dismembered
Grotesque exenteration, necropyomorphic detruncation

Sanguined guts stewing, gastrium in shreds
Abdomino-eradication, innard maceration

Chop up the intestines, rancid offal festering
Your innards brutally thrashed, your torso collapsed
Disarticulated gore, your innards shredded and warm
Infectious dislocated scabs, your cavities brutally trashed

Pulpy visceral shreds, shredded carnage and bits of flesh
Disgustingly mangled and ablated, you are utterly disincarnated

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