NecroVoyeur - text

[musick & lyrixxx - Ross Sewage, 1998]

Observing the forensic dissection,
Espying the splayed chest cavity,
His abberant se**** stimuli,
The grotesquely displayed anatomy...
Organs displaced with steel forceps,
By the morbid anatomy technician,
Ensanguined guts arouse the mixoscopic,
His voyeuristic experience facilitated by masturbation...
Evacuation of the omentum proceeds,
As connective tissue is ripped,
This intense vicarious carnal diversion,
Peaks as embalming fluid drips...
Fomented by images so gory and sick...
With the coroner's autopsy complete,
He views the peritoneal chasm,
Satiating his troilistic perversion,
The scoptophilic acheives orgasm...
A testicular ejaculatroy spasm...

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Tales Of The Exhumed


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