A Message From Home - text

Ponyville to Pinkie Pie...
Ponyville to Pinkie Pie...
Seems you've left us, and we're all still wond'ring why
Ponyville to Pinkie Pie...
We still love you, don't you hide
If this reaches you, you'll know just what to do...

This is Ponyville to Pinkie Pie
Just wanted you to know
That we miss you, and we wish that you were home
But it's not our place to say where you should go

Seems that I've been lying to myself
It's never been so hard
And I think my hooves taken me too far
Guess it's time I stopped and listened my heart

But here are we sitting at an impasse
Trapped on the moon
Rocket ship is gone and I'm not where I belong

Though I've tried convincing otherwise
I'm feeling so alone
Things aren't looking on the bright side anywhere
If I just had some way home

We'll take you there
Pinkie Pie, the time has come
It's not too late, so just hop on
Are you ready, Pinkie Pie?
Are you with us, Pinkie Pie?
Can you hear us, Pinkie Pie?
Can you

Here are we flying home together
Last glimpse of the moon
Tragedy is gone, this is where we all belong

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