Sensual Man - text

One more day
Too much heartache
Oh no more wait
This life's no party baby
Never too late
For new beginnings
I can't stay
Nobody's winning baby

I can't accept the way you're treatin' me lately
Got no respect
You got me going crazy
That's why I'm letting you go

All I gotta do is take a stand
Cos you're no longer part of my masterplan
I don't have to love you cos I can
Here I go baby
I'm finding me a sensual man
Baby baby yes I am
Baby baby yes I am

One more night
No solutions mmm
One more fight
Too much confusion baby
Every lie
It comes too easy
Something inside
Broke into pieces

There's too much pain
I can't go on pretending
You wanna play your games
This ain't no happy ending
That's why I'm letting you go



[Chorus x2]

I need a worthy man
A sexy man
A superman
A serious man
A sensitive man
A holy man
An easy man
I need a man
A wealthy man
A sexy man
A faithful man
A serious man
A hungry man
An easy man
Baby baby yes I am
Baby baby yes I am
[repeat to fade]

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