The Nemesis of Frej - text

The ancient land
The ancient land in the south
Where the stars came to birth

The sparks of life
The sparks of fire in the air
Mother of the moon and the sun

Forged in fire
Forged in fire and flames
With the power from the stars so bright

The blade of fire
The blade of fire and flames
With the power from the moon and the sun

Strong is the hand of the giant from the land of the flames
Deadly is the sword, deadliest of all blades.
Shining brighter than the sun when it cuts throught the air
The ride of the giant followed by all his sons

Towards the end he ride, he is wielding the blade of blades
He has waited for so long

From the beginning of days, the birth of Ymer, until the day of days

The King of fire stands strong in the field of battle
Many Gods and men fall by his hand
Until Frej steals his vision, piercing his eye
The son of Njord must pay the price
Feel the sword of flames.
The nemesis of Frej
Feel the pain
Doom is near

The final battle
The ash is burning
The end is near
All is devoured by the flames

The ground bursts and the world drowns
And with it the nemesis of Frej

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