Patient Zero - text

Banished into darkness,
severed wings thrown in the fire.
Torn from the back of a worthless liar,
worthless liar.
You walk the earth with your head
down in shame,
with no one else but yourself to blame.
You can't remember the good
but you remember the pain.
Standing behind the mirror,
watching life bloom then wilt away.
Desperately wishing that it would stay.
I know that you’re watching,
I know that you’re looking down.
Don't underestimate me,
I will burn your kingdom to the ground.
Banished into darkness,
severed wings thrown in the fire.
Worthless liar,
I won't put up with this anymore.
Told to stand in line,
told to walk among the blind,
only to find myself wanting more.
I exhume into darkness,
embracing the shadows as my home.
Devouring flesh, chewing on the bone,
I will make my throne.

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