Pain Hates Me - text

I walk the line 'till the end of the road
I never went that far...
I wanna drown myself in your eyeball
The midnight-pain is on the way
It seems like this will be the day
I don't care and I don't think about it...

But hey, you faint me
you taint me
like every single day
You hate me, you fake it
I wish you'd go away...

Pain rapes me
pain hates me, like every single day
It's okay, it's okay
I cut out shapes of murdered dreams and pin them on your chest
Painting by numbers, little baby
You are my favourite number one in a line of things not to become

I don't care and I don't think about it

Text přidal Azazel-Andel

Video přidal Azazel-Andel

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