Desde la Vida - text


Fortunes drifting across the sierra...Life, survived in visions of gold...
Spanish galleons of old upon El Man
Dance of a distant land from afar...Con La Vista Desde la vida...




Time to awaken daybreak begun, feeling so strong here in the sun
The work has to be done, will be done
One thing that is believed we'll be one, but is there more Desde la vida.

Sangre de toro, drinking the wine, beneath la montan the shadows of time
Work now is done, has been done, struggle that still goes on will be won
Knowing there's more Desde la vida.

Again we awaken there in the face of the sun
El tiempo es buena, the time is good, a new day is born into our hands
Together we fall, together we stand, hoping there's more Desde la vida.

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