Shut Up! - text

This Is A Nice Fucking Life!
We Are Shit Out Of Luck!
It´s A Dog Eat Dog World!

The Fat Politician
Don´t Lie
In Sucked TV Show
He Deceives Us By
Some Bad
I Watch And Grumbel
Shut Up!

Last Fucking Supplies
I Eat
Somewhere I Feel
Like Shit
Switch Off TV
And Stop
Don´t Want Hear It
Shut Up!

Some Bible Thumper
Festive Mass In Radio
He Invokes All Saints
But Truth Is Other
Shut Up!

Only Dunce Trusts
Dip Shit
God Don´t Help You
In Pain
I Shatter Radio
For Keeps
I´m Crying Loudly
Shut Up!

Walk In The City
Future´s Away
So Strong
My Grudge Against
This World
Is Deeper And Deeper
Shut Up!

Don´t Scream On Me
Shut Up!
Don´t Say It Me
Shut Up!
Don´t Want Your Help
Shut Up!
I Manage Myself
Shut Up!

Text přidal Sleeper

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