Lay Some Happiness On Me - text

Tell me I'm great and I'll be greater build me up and I'll fly
Love me now and be glad later and tell your troubles goodbye

Lay some happiness on me so the brighter side you'll see
No more lonelines to be lay some happiness on me
(Lay some happiness on me)

Turn me on the sweet line talkin' show me your love is true
And on a cloud you'll see me walkin' to give it right back to you

Lay some happiness on me...

Spill that cup of trouble and sorrow sooner the better for you
Fill it up with happy tomorrow we got some livin' to do

Lay some happiness on me...

Cuddle me up and I'll squeeze tighter honey lips kiss me do
A good good lover makes a bad bad fighter and I'm not pickin' on you

Lay some happiness on me...
Lay some happiness on me...

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