I Disagree - text

I disagree with prisons, I disagree with war
I disagree with powers and all that they stand for
I disagree with violence it's survival having a say
I disagree with war because I know that's not the way

I disagree with class distinction, labels and names
I disagree with cold belief that binds you in chains
I disagree with law because it's Mother hypocrisy
Man cannot be caged, man is love and love is free

I disagree if you believe a mind can be controlled
I disagree if you believe a soul can be sold
I disagree with murder cos I know that that is wrong
I send peace out to my brother, brother help me to be strong

I disagree that we can't live as one family
I disagree a rose should be born with no leaves
I disagree this world will end on 2000 years
Cos I know the Lord will come before the final fall of tears

I disagree with powers that cause this world pain
Promise you sunshine but all they bring's rain
I disagree with leaders that lead without love
It's time to step aside while we take this world above

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