Halo 'Round The Moon - text

There's a halo 'round the moon
So I know it ain't to blame
'Cause I knew what love could do
But I loved her just the same
Then I let her slip away
Now I'm all alone and blue
That's the price I got to pay
There's a halo 'round the moon

There's a ghost that haunts this town
Just ask anyone you see
He drags his chain around
And no spell can set him free
And he looks a lot like me
And if you ask him why he's bound
He'll just say he lost the key
There's a ghost that haunts this town

There's no shelter from the storm
Without the lightnin' and the rain
And love would hold no charm
If it wasn't for the pain
And it's always been that way
No matter what you do
No matter what you say
There's a halo 'round the moon

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