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I listen to the morning rain
and I look out the window
how days go away
in the drops of yesterday
as people out of here

I see two little sea
when I search their secret names
in the grey face of the sky
who weeps over us

I know that we lost our souls
and innocence in the grave
but only in forgiveness
we saved ourselves
and the world

Still we’re looking for the right path
but we’re still going back and gone somewhere
in the masks of fear
wandering in circles to disappear
without you and without me
because our self was stolen long ago

How high must fall the Star
then finds its peace
and million dreams
to be similar to the pigeon
who fallen into the sun
and who brings next dawn
red as his eyes and my child blood
when we're lost in a field of sunflowers
as the first and last
and finally

Where we know the answers about doubts
which woke in us
and we stand in soil of water
and the banks flowing around us
and bridges of glass
leads to heaven like our time

Und vergib uns unsere Schuld,
Wie auch wir vergeben unseren Schuldigern

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