Through Ice and Snow - text

From afar beyond the trees
To shadow cloaked frozen streams
Beside a white stronghold of snow
Sown by a winter winds groan

Wander where great darkness lies
Beneath the stars and under the sky
Through the land of ice and snow
To the land where emerald leaves blow

Through the land of ice and snow
To the land where silver brooks flow

Oaken ruin strewn upon winters realm
Seek vengeance through the frost covered heath

Towards footholds so cold a lanterns light lay silent
Hear the distant crashing of narrow ice so violent

Through the land of ice and snow

A lament of betrayal written by howling winds
And sung by a frozen lifeless sigh

A valley glimmer sought by woeful eyes
Across the waste towards eastern skies

An icy blade parts the gates of night
Revealed a golden light above foggy white
Rivers flow deep through the melting snow
To the misty shores of eternal life

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