Pauline Hawkins - text

Don’t call me your baby I won’t answer
Love is like cancer and I am immune
to all that your bringing the tune that you’re singing
outside of a locked room
outside a locked room

Safe’s an illusion, before the collision
Immune to decision

Don’t tell me your secrets I’d rather not listen
or know what I’m missing it’s always too soon
It’s always too soon to be called for comfort
to belong to someone inside a locked room

Fate always happens when nobody’s looking
Nobody’s looking

I really don’t care what’s inside you
I won’t stand beside you or answer your call
I don’t want to fight now I’m only here right now
This moment is all. This moment is all

Don’t call me your baby, I’m nobody’s baby
I won’t let you cage me or lock me away
I’m not yours to keep, don’t want you to save me
You’re just a vacation, a one night way-station
to keep me awake until I’m ready to sleep

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